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New in 2021, Fission is our annual anthology of SFF fiction. Edited by Allen Stroud, and launched in collaboration with Spain's Celsius 232, Fission aspires to grow to connect SFF communities around the world. 

The stories included for 2021 are:

'The Aminals Marched in Two By Two' by Syeda Fatima Muhammad
'A Pall of Moondust' by Nick Wood
'Lyonesses' by So Mayer
'The Lego Calf' by Jon Bilbao
'The Witch and the Elderman' by Peter Haynes
'The Trip' by Michael Crouch
'Etaerio' by Rosie Oliver
'The First and Last Safe Place' by C. John Arthur
'Here' by Gene Rowe
'The Blood Between Us' by Katherine Franklin
'Wanderlust' by Eugen Bacon & E. Don Harp
'Time Keep' by Elad Haber
'Power of Attorney' by Louis Evans
'I Love Google Maps/Death to Google Part 1' by Paul Beacon

The story chosen to be published in Celsius is 'Lyonesses' by So Mayer.

Fission #1 is now available for BSFA members in the 'Members Publication' area of the website. Login (top right) and then the webpage will be added to the 'Publications' section.

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